Tama Curios

Win Rainbow Coins & Catch Rare Exotic Curios in Rainbow Worlds!

Rainbow coins are used in Rainbow Worlds for you to catch rare Curios from rainbow Curios Eggs. In order to complete your Curios Collections, you won’t want to skip the rainbow worlds!

Here you’ll learn all about the rainbow coins in Tama Curios Catchers!

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Rainbow Coin Shooter!

Enter the special rainbow worlds and you’ll become a rainbow coin shooter! Instead of golden coins, it’ll consume rainbow coins to shoot the flying surprise Eggs. Store up your rainbow coins stash and enter the rainbow worlds to challenge the surprise eggs and Curios Eggs!

Break the Curios Eggs in the Rainbow Worlds to have the chance to catch beautiful rare Curios that you can never catch in the main world! You just need to take a look at some of the rare Curios to know that you’ll want to collect ’em all!

Unlock Special Rainbow Worlds!

So how do you unlock the Rainbow worlds? It’s easy! Simply collect as many unique Curios as you can to unlock the Rainbow Worlds! The further you progress in this coin arcade game, the more unique Curios you will need.

Not only that, you will need more rainbow coins for each coin shooting. So be sure to stash away as much rainbow coins as you can! But how do you get rainbow coins?

Let’s get to that now!

Win Free Rainbow Coins!

You can win lots of rainbow coins in this coin arcade coin shooter game from the free lucky wheels spins! Don’t worry if you run out of rainbow coins as there are many free rainbow coins to win from the free Lucky Wheel spins!

Login daily for the daily free lucky wheel spin, or log in whenever you are free for the interval login lucky wheel spins!

Even while you are playing, you can get free lucky wheel spins too! Every coin drop that you catch in your prize catcher will bring you one step closer to getting a free lucky wheel ticket for a free spin! Not only that, if you are lucky, you might even get a free spin when you catch a Curio!

Download Tama Curios Catchers for Coin Arcade Prize Collection Fun!

So why wait? Download and play Tama Curios Catchers now and start catching Curios. Catch, discover and collect the cute Curios now!

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