About Tama Curios

A Coin Shooting Coin Hunter Game for Arcade Gamers

Enjoy being a coin hunter & win coin in a coin pusher game session? Like to go coin arcades & exchange for arcade tokens? Tama Curios is a coin shooter game, coin pusher game alternative that will give you an exciting coin arcade game experience!

The Coin Hunter Game for Arcade Coin Hunter!

This coin hunter game is designed for coin arcade players like you, where you shoot coin arcade tokens, and win coin & get many more arcade tokens in return by shooting & breaking flying surprise eggs.

Catch the Coin Hunter Toy

Catch a monster toy befitting a coin hunter! Catch & collect many beautiful Curios monster toys in Tama Curios! Over 60 Curios monster toys to collect to be exact. You’ll never run out of coin hunter toy to catch, but rather, do you have enough coins to catch ’em all?

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The Coin Hunter App / Game for Everyone!

Tama Curios is a coin hunter app / game for everyone in the world! Whether you are from China, United States or Japan, even if you are an aussie coin hunter! A real life coin hunter game in your Android smartphone for global players!

Coin Pusher Game Alternative for Coin Hunters

Winning the jackpot of arcade tokens or coin drops from coin pusher games are the dreams of every coin arcade coin hunter, and you can experience this aplenty in the coin shooting, egg breaking gameplay in Tama Curios!

The thrill of winning many coin drops in a coin pusher game becomes much more exciting as you shoot coins & break eggs for explosion of prizes & coin drops!

Every flying egg that you break open with your coin shooting, will have the chance to erupt into jackpots of multiple eggs breaking open with coin bursts & prize drops everywhere!

Not only that, Curios eggs will appear at random & only for a short period of time. Break them before they escape to catch Curios to complete your Curios collection!

Download Tama Curios free for Android & start getting ’em all now!

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