Coin Arcade Coin Shooter Prize Catcher Game – Curio Catchers

Tama Curios Catchers is a time-killer coin arcade machine in your pocket! A casual coin arcade monster toy catching game, where your goal is to catch & collect cute monster toys called…Curios!

Pocket Coin Arcade with Coin Shooting & Eggs Surprises Fun!

Shoot coins at the flying eggs to break them & collect fireworks of coin drops & prizes as eggs break. Enjoy the coin rush and prize fiesta that ensues! Watch the coins and prizes fall and drop with realistic physics, be sure to time your coin shooting so that the coin drops and prizes are caught by the moving prize catcher!

But don’t let your coins run out…flying Curios eggs might appear at any time! Be aware of your coin bank as you can’t shoot coins when you are out of coins!

Break the flying Curios Eggs for the Curios surprise inside! See what Curio monster toy will burst forth! Time your coin shots to make sure the Curios fall into the moving prize catcher or it will be lost forever!

Special Rainbow Worlds & Rainbow Coins

There are many different special Rainbow Worlds to explore in this pocket coin arcade game! Collect & win rainbow coins from the Free Lucky Wheel Spins and use the rainbow coins to shoot the flying surprise eggs in the Rainbow Worlds!

There are many rare and fantastic Curios to discover in the Rainbow Worlds. Catch and collect them to complete your Rainbow Curios collection sets! Collect more Curios monster toys to unlock more Rainbow worlds, and the challenge gets harder as you progress and unlock more Rainbow worlds, as it takes more rainbow coins to fire each shot!

Don’t worry if you run out of rainbow coins, there are many free lucky wheel spins for you to get more free rainbow coins! Get free lucky wheel spins daily, for collecting golden or rainbow coins, and even more!

Gotta Catch ’em All!

Complete your collection sets of Curios monster toys in this pocket coin arcade coin shooter game & have some casual coin arcade time killing fun!

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