Tama Curios Collections – Coins & Prizes Collections

Complete your Tama Curios collections in this simple and easy retro arcade style coin shooting prize collection mobile game for all ages!

Start shooting & complete your Curios collection now!

The Curios Experience!

Unique fiesta carnival atmosphere, and addictive gameplay. Tap to shoot coins, break flying surprise eggs and experience the rush of mesmerizing fireworks blasts raining prizes, coins and surprises that drop into your collector! Be a coin master shooter as you hunt down the flying Boss Surprise Eggs to collect your cute Curios!

Retro Arcade Games Rooms Experience! 

Remember the retro arcade games rooms where you insert coins to play to win tickets and exchange the tickets for toys? Curios is an alternative to the arcade classics like claw machines, coin dozers or coin pushers, bringing the retro arcade games rooms experience with you everywhere you go!

Addictive Game with Hours of Fun!

The casual and addictive hyper casual gameplay will ensure you have hours of fun, but, that’s not all! Curios don’t just come with levels, it comes with many levels that are secret to keep you occupied for a long time! Unlock these secret levels and hunt down all the secret bosses for special Curios!

More Features

Lucky Wheel Lucky Draw

Whether you are a lucky wheel game fan or a lucky wheel master spinner looking for some wheel spinning challenger rewards, there is no need to install any lucky wheel apps as we have one lucky wheel lucky draw game just for you! The Lucky Wheel slots contain many prizes for you to win!

Amazing prizes like the new Rainbow coins await you as you do each lucky wheel spin. Be a lucky wheel master as you collect lucky wheel tickets for free lucky wheel spins!

Lucky Wheel – Spin Daily Rewards!

You’ll earn a free lucky wheel spin everyday, so don’t forget to come back daily! One lucky wheel spin is all you need to feel really really lucky!

Suitable for All Occasions!

Curios is suitable to play in any occasions and by anyone! Be it a quick session or to play for hours on end, you can be sure to have an enjoyable time with Curios. Alone and bored? Stress at work or school? Relaxing by the pool? In a group with family or with you and your friends? Everyone & everybody can play! Even couples can collect Curios together too! Having parties or sleepovers with friends? Planning for a family game night? Going on a long car ride? With Curios around, boring times like long road trips will never be the same again! Install Curios on your device for long car rides, and car rides will be more enjoyable! Easter eggs hunting in the car, on the road, without running around!

Everyone can Play!

Curios is so simple anyone can play! Curios is recommended for little kids preschoolers (little girls and boys 3 years and up), children (boys and girls 9 and up), teenagers girls and boys, grown-ups adults (men and women… yes, even moms!) to older people (even old people are able to enjoy it!). This is one of the nice and easy phone games that you must have and that you will never delete!

Small Download!

Don’t worry about downloading the game on your phone as it is low mb to download of slightly above 20mb and under 50mb. 

No Internet Connection Required!

Certain features will require you to be online, but Curios can be played offline with no internet and no wifi needed.

Note : This game is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases.